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A free and easy way to learn using Microsoft Word XP. Easy step-by-step instructions for basic, intermediate and advanced levels. Free exercises are also available to use.

Word Office Helper
If you’ve been around word processors for a while, you probably know a lot of this stuff already. In case you’ve never even touched a word processor before, you’ve come to the right place. Here you'll find the most of Word help.

Find some basic, intermediate or even advanced word-processing functions.

Page Break, Line Spacing & Change Case

How do you insert a next page in your Microsoft Word XP document even if you haven't typed the page full? You can also change the space between the lines of a paragraph, stretching it out.
Type a sentence in capital letters and you shouldn't have? Just change the case.

Headers, Footers, Page Numbers & Section Breaks

Want the same info at the top or bottom of a page to repeat on all the pages in the same document automatically? Just use headers and footers.

You can even divide a document into sections to have different headers and footers on separate pages. Get some Word help on how to insert numbers on every page, any way you like.

Margins, Page Orientation

Learn how to change the spacing used on the sides of the page.
Also learn how to change the page orientation from portrait to landscape.
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Print Preview & Print

Learn how to preview a document before you print it and then print a document the right way.


Use the Microsoft Word XP Thesaurus to find synonyms (words with the similar meaning) or find some antonyms (words with opposite meaning) for specific words.

Spelling & Grammar

Green or red wavy lines in your document, indicates a grammar or spelling mistake. A spelling mistake can be quite an embarrassment when your have to show it to your boss, thus, remember to spell check your document before you go ahead.


Use the AutoCorrect function to automatically correct spelling errors, or to easily change a abbreviation automatically to its full text.

Find & Replace

Looking to replace specific text or formats in your document, but have more than a few of them? Use the Find and Replace function to make the whole task easier.

P.S. Microsoft Word XP is not a difficult word processor program to learn to use. Once you have the know-how, you'll be able to do whatever you want with your Microsoft Word XP document. Word help can be found on any topic you can think of! Enjoy the learning journey and have some fun with your documents, while you're at it.
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