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Microsoft Excel XP

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A free and easy way to learn using Microsoft Excel XP. Easy step-by-step instructions for basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

Excel Office Helper
Find some basic, intermediate or even advanced Excel functions.

Microsoft Excel may not be the only spreadsheet program around, but it may be the only one you'll ever need. You can use Excel on many different levels. But most users find out what the program can really do after it gets going.

Excel is a user-friendly program especially for those who are comfortable getting right in and clicking things. However, some parts of Excel can seem intimidating, especially when you just want to do something simple but don't know where to start.

Well, for some good old Excel help, you've come to the right place!

Jump in with the list and get some help!

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Excel Tips in Selecting Cells, Ranges, Columns & Rows

Learn some Excel tips on how to select a cell, range, non-neighboring ranges, columns, rows and the entire worksheet's cells.

When trying to change something in your worksheet, you always need to select the correct cells, rows, columns or ranges to apply the new settings to.

Learn how to correctly select those parts.

How To Use Microsoft Excel

Learn how to use Microsoft Excel XP by learning first the different aspects of the screen layout.

Also learn what the difference is between workbooks, worksheets and chart sheets. Get some knowledge on what to put into cells, and how to understand the active cell and ranges.

You'll also learn how to properly navigate in Excel XP and move around by using the scroll bars.

Excel Workbook

Learn step-by-step how to work with your Excel Workbook.

Learn how to create a new workbook using it for the first time.

You will also learn how to save a new workbook file and how to save a file you've already saved.

Get also step-by-step instructions on how to open or close your workbook files.

Finally, learn how to properly delete any of your workbook files.

Excel Templates

Learn step-by-step how to use Excel templates to make your work go faster and more easily. Also learn how to download new templates that you can use.

Excel Worksheets

Learn step-by-step what Excel XP worksheets are and what to do with them.

It might seem a bit frightening to be able to delete or move or even rename a worksheet, but here it's made easy to do.

 Learn how to add, rename, move, copy and delete worksheets in a few easy steps.

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More Excel XP Topics: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 »Next
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Excel XP Topics

- Tips
- Excel Screen Layout
- Navigational Techniques
- Working with Workbooks
- Templates
- Working with Worksheets
- Moving Around
- Move Worksheets
- Copy Worksheets
- Insert & Delete Cells
- Insert & Delete Rows
- Insert & Delete Columns
- Resize Row
- Resize Column
- Editing Data
- Content Color
- Cell Color
- Number Formats
- Fonts
- Alignment
- Text Direction
- Indent Contents
- Merge Cells
- Copy
- Move
- Undo & Redo
- Using Zoom
- Freeze & Unfreeze Titles
- Split Worksheet
- Spreadsheet Data
- AutoFill
- AutoComplete
- Comment
- Find
- Replace
- Spellcheck
- Formulas
- Functions
- Print
- Password
- Sorting
- AutoFilter
- Advanced Filter
- Macros
- Charts
- Charting
- Charting Elements
- Gantt Chart
- PivotTable
- PivotTable Calculations
- PivotTable Layout
- PivotTable Format
- PDF to Excel
- PDF-to-Excel Converter
- Excel to PDF Converter