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How to use Microsoft Excel
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How to use Microsoft Excel

How to use Microsoft Excel XP Comment

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Learn step-by-step how to use Microsoft Excel comments. Learn how to insert, edit and delete a cell comment.

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Using cell comments
Inserting a cell comment
Editing a cell comment
Deleting a cell comment
Showing a cell comment
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Using Cell Comments

The Excel cell comment feature enables you to attach a comment to a cell. This is useful when you need to document a particular value or to help you remember what a formula does.

A cell comment only shows as a small red triangle at the top-right corner of a cell. But, when you move the mouse pointer over a cell that has a comment, the comment pops up in a small box.

How to use Microsoft Excel: Cell Comment example

Yes, these comments are the same as little stick-it notes. They're there for you!

Inserting A Cell Comment

You can insert a cell comment to any cell of the worksheet.

To add a comment to a cell, follow these steps:

1. Click in the cell to add a comment to.
2. Choose Insert ► Comment from the menu bar.
  Excel displays a little text box that pins to the cell.
  How to use Microsoft Excel: Adding a Cell comment
Excel Office Helper You can also press SHIFT + F2


Right-click the cell and choose Insert ► Comment
3. Enter the text for the comment into the text box.
4. Click anywhere outside the comment window when you're finished.

The cell displays a small red triangle to indicate that the cell contains a comment.

How to use Microsoft Excel: Cell Comment example 3
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