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Microsoft Word 2007

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Learn step-by-step how to use Microsoft Word 2007 to its fullest potential. This page will help the beginner and the more advanced user of Word 2007.

You might have a first glance at Word 2007 and say "Aauurgh" but I promise you it seems more intimidating than it really is.

I'm accustomed to the way Word used to look, but once I opened Word 2007 I thought "What has Microsoft done now?"

But I assure you, once I've started working on Word 2007 and saw what it could do, and just changed my way of thinking about Word, I saw that this was actually a huge step-up for Microsoft.

Learning to use Word 2007 is not as difficult as it may seem. Use the topics below and you'll find out that it really is not a "monster" that Microsoft has created, but a "Pegasus" taking you on a joyride.


Screen Layout

Seeing the Microsoft Word 2007 screen for the first time is sort of like trying to find your way through Tokyo’s busy Ikebukuro subway station. Just check out the screen. It’s intimidating. But once you start using Microsoft Word 2007, help will quickly follow and you'll find out what everything is.

For new users this seems not too bad, but for the more experienced users of Word, this might seem like a totally different program that they are used to. Don't worry, either way you'll soon feel very comfortable using Word 2007.

Ever wonder what all that stuff on-screen is? Find out in Word 2007 on identifying exactly what it is that you see on-screen.

How about creating a new document. Why not learn how to open a document, close a document or even exiting Word 2007.

Understanding paragraphs and how to move around in them won't be that difficult. Zooming in or out with the document seems like fun and easy to do.

Using the scroll bars and even working with many documents at once will be made child's play.

Basic File Functions

Right, you've got your document, but now what?

Why not save it?

You can save a new document, save it with a different name or even rename the document

You can also delete the document from Word.

Then, all that's left, is to learn how to close the document.

Basic Text Functions

Now that you can type a few paragraphs of text, why not change it to something more dazzling or professional looking.

Learn how to select text, delete it, or if you have the occasional mishap, just undo it.

Move or Copy

Learn easily how to move or copy text.

You can even just copy the formats of your text!

You can also repeat your last action, repeatedly!

Fonts & Attributes

You can always change any attribute of your text. For example, you can change the font (type of writing), change the text's color or even change the size.

You can add a line underneath every word (underline) or make the text bold or italic.

You can place the text on the right, left or center of the page.

P.S. Microsoft Word 2007 is not a difficult word processor program to learn to use. Once you have the know-how, you'll be able to do whatever you want with your Word 2007 document. Word help can be found on any topic you can think of! Enjoy the learning journey and have some fun with your documents, while you're at it.


You can indent a whole paragraph from both sides or just the first line.

Learn the basics of indenting paragraphs and how to do it the right way.

Also learn how to change the line-spacing of your paragraphs, and how to change the case of text that you might have typed wrongly.

Symbols and Special Characters

How do they add those funny symbols or even special characters to a Microsoft Word 2007 document? Many languages has special kind of letters or symbols in them, but Word knows how to add them to your document. Even symbols like a picture of a cellphone to add where a number goes. All these are found in Word.

Learn easily how to do this.

An examples of symbols:
Microsoft Word 2007: Special Characters and Symbols example


Dress up your pages with some nice borders you found in Microsoft Word 2007. Add some decorative borders on your document pages.

Also find out how to download new borders for your Word documents.

Page Break & Section Break

How do you insert a next page in your Microsoft Word 2007 document even if you haven't typed the page full? I'll show you easily how to do this.

You can even divide a document into sections to have different headers and footers on separate pages.

Learn what the difference is between a page break and a section break.

Headers, Footers & Page Numbers

Want the same info at the top or bottom of a page to repeat on all the pages in the same document automatically? Just use headers and footers.

You can even divide a document into sections to have different headers and footers on separate pages.

Also find out how to insert numbers on every page, any way you like, even if you don't want to start numbering the page at 1.

Margins, Page Orientation, Paper Size & Vertical Alignment

Learn how to change the spacing used on the sides of the page, this is called the margins of a document.

Also learn how to change the page orientation from portrait to landscape, to suit the contents of your document.

Print & Print Preview

Printing a document is easy, the trick is to Preview the document first and then print it. This can save you a lot of time, paper and ink. Learn how to preview a document before you print it and then print a document the right way.


Use the Thesaurus to find synonyms (words with the similar meaning) or find some antonyms (words with opposite meaning) for specific words.

Spelling & Grammar

Green or red wavy lines in your document, indicates a grammar or spelling mistake. A spelling mistake can be quite an embarrassment when your have to show it to your boss, thus, remember to spell check your document before you go ahead.


Use the AutoCorrect function to automatically correct spelling errors, or to easily change a abbreviation automatically to its full text.

Also learn why Word starts to automatically number lines, or why it automatically formats your document.
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