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Microsoft Word 2007 - Page Setup
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Choosing the correct paper size of your Microsoft Word 2007 document page is critical when you are going to print your work. If the correct size of your page is not chosen, then a printed version of your document will make you think your printer has gone crazy.

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Changing Margins & Orientation
Changing Paper Size
Changing Vertical Alignment

Changing Paper Size

You can always change the size of your page from Letter to anything else you can think of. Some countries doesn't use the Letter sizing for their paper, thus you can change the paper size to A4, for example.

To change the paper size, follow these steps:

1. Place the cursor where you want to change the paper size, if you are changing the paper size in the middle of a document.

Otherwise, to change the paper size of the entire document, it doesn't matter where you place the cursor.
2. From the Page Layout Ribbon tab, click the Size button.
Microsoft Word 2007: Size button
3. Choose the size you want or click on More Paper Sizes to custom type a different paper size not available in the drop-down list.

The Page Setup dialog box appears, click the Paper tab.
Microsoft Word 2007: Page Setup dialog box with Paper tab
4. Click the drop-down arrow at the Paper Size option, and choose the paper size that you want to use for your document.
5. From the Apply To drop down list, choose one of the following:

"Whole Document" to apply your settings to the entire document.

"This Section" to apply them to a section.

"This Point Forward" to change the paper size for the rest of a document.
When you choose "This Point Forward", Word creates a new section.
6. Click OK.
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