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Antonyms Word List
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Antonyms Word List

Microsoft Word 2007 | Thesaurus

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Step-by-step instructions how to find a synonyms and antonyms using the Microsoft Word 2007 Thesaurus. It's easy to do!

If you can't seem to find the right word.

If the word is on the tip of your tongue but you can't quite remember it - you can always give the Thesaurus a shot to find synonyms or antonyms for a certain word.

To find synonyms (words that have the same or similar meaning) or antonyms (words with the opposite meaning) for a word in your document, start by right-clicking the word and choosing Synonyms from the shortcut menu.

Microsoft Word 2007: Synonyms short-cut menu

With luck, the synonym or antonym you are looking for appears on the submenu and all you have to do is click to enter the synonym in your document.

Usually, however, finding a good synonym or antonym word list is a journey, not a Sunday stroll.


To search for a Synonym or Antonym, follow these steps:

1. Select the word who you want to find a synonym or antonym for.
2. Choose Review Ribbon tabThesaurus.
Microsoft Word 2007: Thesaurus button
Word Office Helper Try using SHIFT + F7

Sometimes, using a shortcut key can be of great benefit.
I find it makes my work go faster!
  This opens up the Thesaurus Task Pane to the right of your document.
Microsoft Word 2007: Thesaurus Task pane
  You'll notice that the Thesaurus gives a list of synonyms and antonyms (if available) for the specific word you selected.
3. Hover your mouse over the word you would like to use, a drop-down arrow appears next to the word.

Click on the drop-down arrow and choose Insert, to replace the synonym with the word in your document.

You can click on a word in this list to look up a specific word even further.
Microsoft Word 2007: Thesaurus - insert a new word
Word Office Helper Q: Why is there only one Antonym?

If you want a bigger antonym word list, simply double-click on the given antonym and you'll find plenty more!
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