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Microsoft Word 2007 | Spelling & Grammar

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What is this red & green wiggly lines underneath my text? Those are Spelling and Grammar mistakes that Microsoft Word 2007 very politely points out to you. Learn how to check the spelling and grammar of your documents.

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Spelling & Grammar Check a Document
Using the Spelling & Grammar dialog box
Turn Off Automatic Spelling & Grammar

Spelling and Grammar Check A Document

As you must have noticed by now, red wiggly lines appear under words that are misspelled, and green wiggly lines appear under words and sentences that Word thinks are grammatically incorrect.
Microsoft Word 2007: Spelling and Grammar example
Red lines are spelling errors.
Green lines are grammar errors.

There's also the one-at-a-time method for correcting misspelled words and grammatical errors.

An easy way to quickly correct a spelling error is:

1. Right-click on the error.

A hidden menu with a list appears with suggestions.
Microsoft Word 2007: Spellcheck hidden menu
2. Choose an option from the menu list.
You can also opt-in on using the Spelling & Grammar dialog box. This allows you pretty much the same options, only you can choose the Grammar options more precisely.
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See also... Turn off Automatic Spelling & Grammar
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