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Microsoft Access Help for XP

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On this page you'll find all of Microsoft Access Help there is. You'll learn how to do the basic steps in creating a standard, easy to use database.

You'll learn how to plan your database, tables, forms and also learn how to create a query and even switchboard for your database.

MS Access

You really need to know some things before getting started in Access — not because Access is an impossibly hard program to master, but the demands of database creation can sometimes be more involved than things you do every day (unless you are a professional database designer, of course).

You'll find a brief explanation of databases in general, this page gives you a quick look at opening, saving and closing an Access database.

Access Database

Strictly speaking, an Access database is any collection of information. Your local telephone book, for example, is a database, as is your Rolodex file and the card catalogue at your local library.

Learn how Access stores all the information in this format.

Also learn what is tables and how to use the the correct way. You'll also see that you can enter your information using a form and not just a table.

You can format your data using reports and organize your data using simple and advanced queries.

Learn how all of these parts fit together.

Microsoft Access Database Planning

It's all about planning!

Before you can even start with your Microsoft Access database, you’ll have to plan it.

Without planning a database, your information into the tables, might be so disordered that you won't make head or tails of it. Learn how to effectively plan all the tables that you'll need for a perfect, functioning database.

Access Tips & Rules

Here are some Microsoft Access help on the rules for creating a perfect database.

Learn about the two most important rules necessary in creating tables for your database.

Learn how to know what forms you are going to create and what reports you might want printed.

Stick to these and your database might just run flawless and smooth.
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