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Microsoft Word 2007 | AutoCorrect

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Learn to use the AutoCorrect function of Microsoft Word 2007 to your advantage. This is a very simple yet powerful tool which you can use to the fullest.

AutoCorrect is just what it says, it will automatically correct words that you usually type incorrectly.

AutoFormat will automatically format your text as you type.

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Setting AutoFormat Options
Setting AutoCorrect Options

Setting AutoFormat Options

There are certain things that Word will do automatically, which you can choose to have so or not.

For example, the fact that Word can automatically start numbering for you might get you screaming sometimes.

This is called AutoFormat, because it formats your text as you are typing. But, you can choose to have Word not do this!

To change the AutoFormat options, follow these steps:

1. Choose the Office button ► Word Options.
Microsoft Word 2007: Word Options button
2. From the left side list, click on Proofing.
3. To the right of the window, click on the AutoCorrect Options button.
Microsoft Word 2007: Word Options dialog box
4. This command opens the AutoCorrect dialog box with the AutoFormat as you type tab active.
  Microsoft Word 2007: AutoFormat as you type tab
5. Remove the checkmarks from those options that you don't need Word to do.
6. Once done, click OK, and click OK again.
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