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Microsoft Word 2007 | AutoCorrect - Page 2

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Learn how to add or remove text from the AutoCorrect function of Microsoft Word 2007. This is a very advantageous tool which you can use to the fullest.

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Setting AutoFormat Options
Setting AutoCorrect Options

Unless you or someone else has messed with the AutoCorrect settings, the invisible hand of Word corrects certain typos as you enter them.

Try misspelling weird by typing wierd to see what happens.

Try entering two hyphens (--) and you get an em dash (). 

You can have Word correct the typos that you make often, and with a little cunning, you can even use the AutoCorrect feature to enter long company names and hard-to-spell names on the fly.

Setting AutoCorrect Options

You can use AutoCorrect to correct your typos on the fly.

To set AutoCorrect options, follow these steps:

1. Choose the Office button ► Word Options.
Microsoft Word 2007: Word Options button
2. From the left side list, click on Proofing.
3. To the right of the window, click on the AutoCorrect Options button.
Microsoft Word 2007: Word Options dialog box
4. This command opens the AutoCorrect dialog box, click the AutoCorrect tab.
  Microsoft Word 2007: AutoCorrect tab
2. Remove the check marks from the AutoCorrect features that you don't want.

For example, if you enter a lot of computer code in your manuscripts, you don't necessarily want the first letter of sentences to be capitalized automatically, so you should click the Capitalize First Letter Of Sentences check box to deselect it.
3. If you want, remove the check mark from the Replace Text As You Type box to keep Words invisible hand from correcting idiosyncrasies in capitalization and spelling as you enter them.
4. Scroll through the list and take a look at the words that are auto-corrected.

If you don't want a word on the list to be corrected, select it and click Delete.
5. If a word that you often misspell isn't on the list, you can add it to the list and have Word correct it automatically.

Enter the misspelling in the Replace box, enter the correct spelling in the With box, and click the Add button.
6. If you don't like one of the replacement words, select the word on the list, enter a new replacement word in the With box, and click the Replace button.
7. Once you're convinced with the AutoCorrect dialog box options, click OK and OK again.

Word Office Helper
The Spelling dialog box has an AutoCorrect option.

Microsoft Word 2007: AutoCorrect from the Spelling and Grammar dialog box

Choose it when you're spell-checking a document
to add a word you're correcting, to the list of words
that are AutoCorrected.

The AutoCorrect choice also appears on the shortcut
menu when you right-click a misspelled word.

Choose AutoCorrect on the shortcut menu
and choose a correct spelling to add the misspelling
to the family of words that get corrected automatically.

Word automatically corrects your spelling errors.
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