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Excel for Dummies - AutoComplete | Microsoft Excel XP

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Excel for Dummies will teach you step-by-step how to use the AutoComplete feature of Excel XP.

This feature will make entering data into your worksheet very easy and much quicker. No more retyping the same old redundant data.

Just use AutoComplete to automatically complete your typed text for you.

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Excel for Dummies - AutoComplete

AutoComplete enables you to type the first few letters of a text entry into a cell, and Excel automatically completes the entry based on other entries that you've already made in the column.

You'll notice that as you start typing the same word, already used in the column, in a new cell, Excel enters the word in highlighted text.

To use AutoComplete, follow these steps:

1. Begin entering the text or value.
2. If Excel recognizes your entry, it automatically completes it in highlighted form.
  Excel for Dummies: AutoComplete example AutoComplete assumes your next move.
3. If, what Excel guesses is correct, press ENTER to accept it.
  If you want something else, just continue typing and ignore Excel's guess.

If Excel doesn't guess completely right, then you can choose to pick the correct entry from a list.

1. While Excel is showing its' guess, right-click in the highlighted text.
  Excel for Dummies: Pick from list example Right-click to go to Pick From List
2. From the shortcut menu choose Pick from List.
  Excel displays a drop-down list with all of the entries in the current column.
  Excel for Dummies: Autocomplete pick from list Pick an option from the list
3. Either click the option you want and press ENTER, or you can press ENTER TWICE with the option selected.
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