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Excel Password | Microsoft Excel XP

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Learn step-by-step how to add an Excel Password to a worksheet or workbook. You may have added a password for good reason, you can also remove it!

You can require a password to open a file to prevent unauthorized users from opening a workbook at all.

You can also require a password to modify a file to allow others to open the workbook but only allow authorized users to make changes to it. If someone changes the workbook without the password to modify, that person can save the workbook only by giving it a different file name.

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Protect Worksheet Elements
Protect Workbook Elements
Protect a Workbook file from viewing or editing

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Protect Worksheet Elements

You can allow users to view the worksheet, but not allow them to change specified elements of a worksheet. This option protects the selected worksheet only.

Excel Office Helper A sheet password is required to prevent other users from being able to edit your designated ranges.

Make sure you choose an Excel password you can remember, because if you lose the password, you cannot gain access to the protected elements on the worksheet.

To protect worksheet elements from all users, follow these steps:

1. Switch to the worksheet you want to protect.
2. Unlock any cells you want users to be able to change.

Select each cell or range.
Choose FormatCells from the menu bar.
Click the Protection tab.
Remove the checkmark from the Locked check box.
Click OK.
3. Hide any formulas that you don't want to be visible.

Select the cells with the formulas
Choose FormatCells from the menu bar.
Click the Protection tab.
Checkmark the Hidden check box.
Click OK.
4. Choose ToolsProtectionProtect Sheet from the menu bar.
  Excel Password: Protect Sheet dialog box
5. Enter a password in the "Password to unprotect sheet" box.
Excel Office Helper Excel passwords can be up to 255 letters, numbers, spaces, and symbols.

You must type uppercase and lowercase letters correctly when you set and enter passwords.
6. In the Allow all users of this worksheet to list, select the elements that you want users to be able to change, and deselect those that needs to stay the same.
7. Click OK.
  Excel Password: Confirm Password dialog box
8. Re-type the same password in the "Reenter password to proceed" box.
9. Click OK.
See also... Change a Password | Remove a Password
Protect Workbook Elements
Protect Workbook File from View or Edit
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