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Excel Spreadsheet Data | Microsoft Excel XP

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Learn step-by-step everything about entering Excel spreadsheet data. Learn how to enter text, values, fractions, date, time or even current date & time.

With all those pretty horizontal and vertical lines, spreadsheets sure look impressive. And with those official-looking row and column indicators, spreadsheets seem to be saying: "Hey, I'm important, you'd better take me seriously."

A spreadsheet is only as good as the Excel spreadsheet data you put into it, however. Whether that data be Grandma's Secret Recipes or June 1993 Mid-West Sales Figures, a spreadsheet needs data to find fulfillment.

This page reveals how to enter al sorts of Excel spreadsheet data from simple text to complex fractions into your spreadsheets.

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Entering Text
Entering Values
Entering the CURRENT Date or Time
Entering Date & Times

Entering Fractions
Entering the Same Data into a Range of Cells

How Data Works

Each spreadsheet in a workbook is made up of cells,
and a cell can hold any of four types of data:

VALUE (including a date, time, percentage or currency value)
Logical Value (TRUE or FALSE)
FORMULA, which returns a value, text, or logical value.

Entering Text

Enter text as Excel spreadsheet data are the most easiest to do.

To enter text (rather than a value or a formula) into a cell, follow these steps:

1. Move the cell pointer to the appropriate cell (this makes it the active cell).
2. Type the text.
3. Press ENTER or any of the four direction keys on the keyboard. (↑↓→←)

Excel Office Helper
If you enter text that's longer than its columns current width,
one of two things happens:

► If the cells to the immediate right are blank,
Excel displays the text in its entirety,
splitting the entry into adjacent cells.

► If an adjacent cell is not blank,
Excel displays as much of the text as possible.
(The full text is contained in the cell; it's just not displayed - REMEDY - Make the column wider!).

In either case, you can always see the text that you're typing because it appears in the formula bar as well as in the cell.

If you need to display a long text entry that's adjacent to a cell with an entry, you can edit your text to make it shorter, increase the width of the column, or wrap the text within the cell so that it occupies more than one line.

Excel Office Helper
Force Multiple Lines

If you have lengthy text in a cell,
you can force Excel to display the Excel spreadsheet data in multiple lines within the cell.

Use ALT+ENTER to start a new line in a cell.
When you add this line break,
Excel automatically changes the cells format to Wrap Text.

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