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Excel Pivot Table
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Layout of and Excel Pivot Table | Microsoft Excel XP

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Find out how an Excel Pivot Table really works. Learn step-by-step how to change the layout of an Excel PivotTable. You'll learn how to group PivotTable items, and how to insert and remove fields in a PivotTable report.

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Grouping PivotTable items
Ungrouping PivotTable items
Modifying a PivotTable's Structure
Insert a New Field Name into a PivotTable
Remove a Field Name from a PivotTable

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Grouping Pivot Table Items

A handy feature enables you to group specific items in a field of a Pivot Table.

If one of the fields in your database consists of dates, for example, the Excel Pivot Table Report displays a separate row or column for every date.

You may find it more useful to group the dates into months or quarters and then hide the details.

To create a group of items in an Excel pivot table, follow these steps:

1. Select the cells to be grouped.
Excel Office Helper If the items to be grouped
are not next to each other, make a multiple selection
by pressing CTRL and clicking the items that will make up the group, for an Excel Pivot Table.
2. Choose Data ► Group and Outline ► Group from the menu bar.


Choose PivotTable ► Group and Show Detail ► Group from the PivotTable toolbar.

Excel Pivot Table toolbar - PivotTable button PivotTable button
  Excel creates a new field that consists of the selected items.

Excel Office Helper You can change the names of the new field
and the items by editing them in the Formula bar.

Ungrouping Pivot Table Items

You might have created a group of items that just doesn't seem right. Now you can ungroup the items and remove the new group from the PivotTable report.

To ungroup items in an Excel Pivot Table, follow these steps:

1. Click in any cell of the group.
2. Choose Data ► Group and Outline ► Ungroup from the menu bar.


Choose PivotTable ► Group and Show Detail ► Ungroup from the PivotTable toolbar.

Modifying A Pivot Tables' Structure

A pivot table displayed in a worksheet includes the field buttons.

You can drag any of the field buttons to a new position in the pivot table (this is known as pivoting).

For example, you can drag a column field to the row position. Excel immediately redisplays the pivot table to reflect your changes.

Excel Office Helper
You also can change the order of the row fields or the column fields by dragging the field buttons within the PivotTable.

This affects how the fields are nested and can have a dramatic effect on how the PivotTable looks.

You can also drag fields from the PivotTable toolbar to modify an existing pivot tables structure.

A pivot table is a special type of range, and (except for formatting), you can't make any changes to it.

For example, you can't insert or delete rows, edit results, or move cells. If you attempt to do so, Excel displays an error message.

Insert A New Field Into A Pivot Table

Once you've finished the PivotTable and PivotChart Wizard you're left with a PivotTable the might not have all the fields added to it. No need to redo the PivotTable from scratch, you can just insert

To add a new field to a pivot table, follow these steps:

1. Move the cell pointer anywhere within the pivot table.

This will ensure that the PivotTable toolbar and PivotTable Field List is displayed.

Excel Pivot Table Field List PivotTable Field List
  If the PivotTable Field List is not displayed click the Show Field List button on the PivotTable toolbar.

Excel Pivot Table toolbar - Show Field List button Show Field List button
2. Click-and-drag the field names you want to add, from the PivotTable Field List pop-up box and place it inside the drop-zone of the pivot table.

Remove A Field From A Pivot Table

You might have inserted a field name into the Excel Pivot Table, which you wished you never did.

No fear, removing a field name from a PivotTable report is very easy!

To remove a field from a pivot table, follow these steps:

1. Click-and-drag the selected field name heading away from the PivotTable area.
2. Once you releases the mouse button, Excel updates the PivotTable, removing the field you dragged away.
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