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How to use Microsoft Excel

How to use Microsoft Excel Find | Microsoft Excel XP

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Learn step-by-step how to use Microsoft Excel Find. Learn how Find a specific occurrence of content that you want.

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How to use Microsoft Excel Find
Using Wildcard Characters

How To Use Microsoft Excel Find

If your worksheet contains lots of data, you may find it difficult to locate a particular piece of information. Searching for data by hand (or by mouse) might produce a lot of headaches.

A quick way to do so is to let Excel do it for you. Make Excel earn its keep. Learn how to use Microsoft Excel Find the easy way.

To locate a particular value or sequence of text, follow these steps:

1. Select the area of the worksheet that you want to search.

If you want to search the entire worksheet, just select a single cell (any cell will do).
2. Choose EditFind from the menu bar, OR Press CTRL + F.

Excel displays its Find dialog box.
  How to use Microsoft Excel Find dailog box
3. In the Find What box, enter the characters to search for.
4. Click the Options button to expand the window with more specific options to choose from.
  How to use Microsoft Excel: Find dialog box
  Select the options that you want to change.
5. Click on the Find Next button.
  Excel finds and selects the cell that contains the occurrence.
6. If this is not the occurrence that you're looking for, click the Find Next button again, to go to the next cell with this occurrence.
  ► Click on the Find All button.
  This will expand the Find window to show a list of all the cells containing the occurrence.
  How to use Microsoft Excel: Find dialog box expanded
7. Once you're done with the Find window, click Close to exit.

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For approximate searches, use wildcard characters.

An asterisk (*) represents any group of characters in the specified position.
E.g. w*h represents all text that begins with w and ends with h.

A question mark (?) represents any single character in the specified position.
E.g. b?n matches three-letter words such as bin, bun, and ban.

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