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Learn step-by-step all the different methods on copying cells and ranges in Microsoft Office Excel. Also learn how to copy data to another worksheet or workbook file.

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Copy a cell to another cell
Copying a range to another range
Copying data to another worksheet or workbook
Copy by dragging

Copy Formats

Coping cells in Microsoft Office Excel, is a very common spreadsheet operation, and several types of copying are allowed.

You can do any of the following:

Copy one cell to another cell.
Copy a cell to a range of cells. The source cell is copied to every cell in the destination range.
Copy a range to another range.
Copy a cell or range to another worksheet or workbook.

Older versions of Excel use the Windows Clipboard to hold data for copying and pasting.

The Windows Clipboard can store only one piece of data at a time.

When you copy new data to the Windows Clipboard, it replaces the existing data.

Excel uses the new Office Clipboard, which can store up to 12 data items at one time.

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Copying a cell normally copies the cell contents, its' cell comment (if any), and the formatting applied to the original cell.

When you copy a cell that contains a formula, the cell references in the copied formulas are changed automatically to be relative to their new location.

Copy consist of four steps:

Microsoft Office Excel: Cut and Paste example

You may select more than one cell or range to copy at a time. When you copy the second cell or range to the Office Clipboard, Excel pops up the Clipboard toolbar.

From the Clipboard toolbar you can select an item to paste to a new range in your workbook or you can simultaneously paste all of the copied items to the new range.

Copy a Cell to Another Cell

You can decide to copy the contents of only one cell to another cell. This is easy to do.

To copy the contents of one cell to another cell, follow these steps:

1. Move the cell pointer to the cell to be copied.
2. Click the Copy button on the Standard toolbar.

Microsoft Word Help: Copy button Copy button

Or you can choose Edit ► Copy from the menu bar.

Or you can press CTRL + C.
3. Select the cell where you want the copy to be placed.
4. Press Enter.

Or you can click the Paste button on the Standard toolbar.

Microsoft Word Help: Paste button Paste button

Or you can choose Edit ► Paste from the menu bar.

Or you can press CTRL + V.

Excel Office Helper
If the range that you're copying to, is adjacent to the cell that you're copying from, you can drag the cell's AutoFill handle to copy it to the adjacent range.

Excel for Dummies: AutoFill - Fill Handle' Mouse Pointer Mouse Pointer over Fill Handle
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