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How to use Microsoft Excel
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How to use Microsoft Excel

How to use Microsoft Excel

How to use Microsoft Excel Spelling | Microsoft Excel XP

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Learn step-by-step how to use Microsoft Excel Spelling checker. Make sure that you have no spelling mistakes in your worksheet, before you show it to the boss.

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How to use Microsoft Excel Spelling

How To Use Microsoft Excel Spelling

Excel has a spell checker that works just like the feature found in word processing programs. It does, however, check only the spelling and not the grammar as well.

Make it easy for yourself and learn how to use Microsoft Excel Spelling command.

To check the spelling of your worksheet, follow these steps:

1. The extent of the spell checking depends on what was selected when you started the Spelling command.  
  ► Select a single cell
The entire worksheet, including cell contents, notes, text in graphic objects and charts, and page headers and footers.
  ► Select a range of cells
Only that range is checked.
  ► Select a group of characters
Only those characters are checked in the formula bar.
2. Choose Tools ► Spelling from the menu bar.
  Click the Spelling button on the Standard toolbar.
  How to use Microsoft Excel: Spelling button Spelling button
  Press F7
3. Once Excel encounters a word that isn't in the current dictionary or is misspelled, it offers a list of suggestions you can click to respond to.
  How to use Microsoft Excel Spelling dialog box
4. Choose any of the following options:
  ► NOT IN DICTIONARY window area
This shows the word that is spelled incorrectly in context.

► SUGGESTIONS window area
Provides a list of words to use in place of the misspelling. Click the word that you want to replace the misspelled one.

Ignores the misspelling, but stops on it again if it appears later in the worksheet.

Ignores the misspelling wherever it appears in the worksheet.

Adds the word in the "Not in Dictionary" box to the words in the dictionary that Microsoft Excel deems correct. Click this button the first time that the Spelling checker stops on your last name to add your last name to the spelling dictionary.

Click this button to insert the word in the "Suggestions" box in your document in the place of the misspelled word.

This changes not only this misspelling to the word in the "Suggestions" box, but also all identical misspellings in the worksheet.

This adds the suggested spelling correction to the list of words that are corrected automatically as you type them.

Goes back to the last misspelling you corrected and gives you a chance to change your mind.
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