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Excel for Dummies - Undo & Redo | Microsoft Excel XP

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Excel for Dummies will teach you step-by-step how to use the undo and redo feature of Excel XP. Don't let other people make you a dummy, let me teach you the easy way.

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Undo Changes
Redo your Undo

Excel for Dummies - Undoing Changes and Mistakes

One very useful feature in Excel is its multilevel undo. This might be Excel for dummies, but the way to use Undo is made easy.

This means that you can reverse your recent actions, one step at a time.

For example, if you discover that you have accidentally deleted a range of data several minutes ago, you can use the undo feature to backtrack through your actions until the delete range reappears.

However, with the undo feature you can't ask Excel to undo the (for example) 5th command. Excel has to backtrack through your recent steps to get to the 5th command.

You can undo using several techniques:

To undo using the Menu Command, following these steps:

1. Choose Edit from the menu bar.
2. Select Undo.
  Notice that following the word "Undo" on the menu bar, is the last command that you've done in your worksheet.

This is also the action that will be undone.

To Undo using the Shortcut keys, follow these steps:

Press CTRL + Z until you arrive at the action that you want to undo.
Press CTRL + Backspace until you arrive at the action that you want to undo.

To Undo using the Undo button, follow these steps:

Click the Undo Button from the Standard toolbar, until you arrive at the action that you want to undo.
  Excel for Dummies: Undo button Undo button
Click the drop-down arrow next to the Undo Button.
  This displays a list of your recent actions. Select the actions to which you want to undo to.
  Excel for Dummies: Undo Button list
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