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Excel Pivot Table
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Excel Pivot Table

Format an Excel Pivot Table | Microsoft Excel XP

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Find out how an Excel Pivot Table really works. Learn step-by-step how to format an Excel PivotTable using AutoFormat and how to format the individual cells.

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Formatting a PivotTable with AutoFormat
Format cells in a PivotTable

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Formatting A PivotTable With AutoFormat

When you create an Excel pivot table, you have an option of applying a default table AutoFormat.

After the pivot table is created, you can specify a different AutoFormat.

Excel comes with a PivotTable AutoFormat feature that provides 22 pivot table AutoFormats.

To change or use an AutoFormat after the pivot table is created, follow these steps:

1. Select any cell within the pivot table.
2. Select FormatAutoFormat from the menu bar.


Choose PivotTable ► Format Report from the PivotTable toolbar.

Excel Pivot Table toolbar - pivottable button PivotTable button


Click the Format Report button on the PivotTable toolbar.

Excel Pivot Table toolbar - Format Report button Format Report button
  This command opens up the AutoFormat dialog box with a list of PivotTable AutoFormats.
  Excel Pivot Table AutoFormat dialog box
3. Choose any of the different AutoFormats from the preset list.
4. Click OK.

The selected AutoFormat will add formatting to all the cells in the PivotTable.

Excel Office Helper Unsatisfied with the AutoFormat that you have chosen?

Simply go back to the AutoFormat dialog box and choose another!

Excel Office Helper Use one of the AutoFormats labeled Report 1 up to Report 10
when you want to display and/or print a report
in indented format.

Selecting an indented format changes the layout of your report.

Formatting Cells In A PivotTable

When Excel creates a Pivot Table Report, it does not retain any special number formatting that you may have applied to your original data.

For example, if you apply a currency format to your data and then use that data in the pivot table, the currency formatting is not retained in the pivot table.

To change the number format of cells in the Pivot Table, follow these steps:

1. Select any cell in the pivot table's data area.
2. Right-click and choose Field Settings from the shortcut menu.


Click the Field Settings button on the PivotTable toolbar.

Excel Pivot Table toolbar - Field Settings button Field Settings button
  Excel displays its' PivotTable Field dialog box.
  Excel Pivot Table Field dialog box
3. Click the Number button.
  Excel Pivot Table Format Cells Number dialog box
4. Select the Number Format that you need from the Categories list.
5. Click OK, and then click OK again to return to the PivotTable report.
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