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Microsoft Word Help - Page Setup

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Microsoft Word Help with step-by-step on how to change margins & orientation, paper size and the vertical alignment of text on a page.

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Changing Margins & Orientation
Changing Paper Size
Changing Vertical Alignment

Changing Margins & Orientation

Margins are the empty spaces along the left, right, top, and bottom sides of a page, those spaces between the text and the edge of the page. Headers and footers are printed in the top and bottom margins, respectively.

Microsoft Word help by pointing these out to you.

Word Office Helper
Don't confuse margins with indents!

Text is indented from the margin,
not from the edge of the page.

If you want to change how far a paragraph is indented,
use the ruler or the
Format ► Paragraph command
and change its indentation.

Microsoft Word help you to easily change the margin settings of a document.

To change the margin settings of a document, follow these steps:

1. Place the cursor where you want to change margins if you are changing margins in the middle of a document.

Otherwise, to change the margins in the entire document, it doesn't matter where you place the cursor.
2. Choose File ► Page Setup from the menu bar, to get to the Page Setup dialog box.
  Microsoft Word Help: Page Setup dialog box - Margins tab
3. Choose the settings on the Margins tab and watch the Preview box to see what your choices do:
Set the top, bottom, left and right or inside and outside margins.

You will see the Inside and Outside setting if you select Mirror Margins, 2 Pages per sheet or Book fold from the Multiple Pages list box.
Word Office Helper
Fix or Ignore?

If you set your margins to a too small a size (so small that the printer can't grasp it), you will get the following message.

Microsoft Word Help: Fix or Ignore message box

Click Fix.

Microsoft Word help by adjusting the incorrect margin to the appropriate size.
Allows extra space on the inside margin for documents that will be bound.

Click the up arrow to see what binding looks like as it eats into the left side of the page and alters the left margin.
Click the Top option button if you intend to bind documents from the top, not the left side of pages.
Choose "Whole Document" to apply your settings to the entire document.

"This Section" to apply them to a section.

"This Point Forward" to change the margins for the rest of a document.
When you choose "This Point Forward", Word creates a new section.
  MULTIPLE PAGES ► Mirror Margins
Choose this option if you want to print on both sides of the paper and you intend to bind your document.

That way, you can set the inside margin, the margin sides of pages where the binding is, and the outside margin, the margin on the sides of the pages that is not affected by binding.
  MULTIPLE PAGES ► 2 Pages Per Sheet
For printing pamphlets and other types of documents in which the pages are half the usual size and are cut in half after printing.

When you click this check box, the Top margin becomes the Outside margin, the area in the middle of the page that may need to be larger so that the page can be cut, and the Bottom margin becomes the Inside margin, the area away from the dividing line that doesn't have to be as large.

This is how Microsoft Word help you with pamphlets, for example.
4. From the Orientation option, choose Portrait or Landscape. This will turn your page from upright to on its side.
5. Click OK.

Word Office Helper
Setup your own margins!

If you don't care for Words default margin settings,
make your own in the Page Setup dialog box
and click the Default button.

Henceforth, Microsoft Word help you with new documents that you open will now have your margin settings.

Microsoft Word help you in another way where you can change the Top and Bottom margins with the Horizontal ruler, and the Left and Right margins with the Vertical Ruler in Print Layout view.

Simply drag the margin bar (the space where the white and darker color on the ruler meets) up, down, left or right.
See also... Change Paper Size | Change Vertical Alignment
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