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Downloading Borders for Microsoft Word
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Downloading Borders for Microsoft Word
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Downloading Borders for Microsoft Word

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Learn step-by-step downloading borders for Microsoft Word the easy way. Once you get bored with Words' old borders, download some new and crazy ones to use.

Downloading borders for Microsoft Word is not a difficult task. These include a different variety of borders which are not included as default in Microsoft Word. You can easily add new borders for word documents of your choice.

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The most obvious choice is to go to Microsoft.com and download borders from there.

The up-side of using original borders for word documents is that when you download borders from Microsoft.com, it automatically downloads into the right place on your computer because it is specifically designed for Office Online.

Once downloaded, you'll see that the borders will be treated as ClipArt.

You can insert these borders as normal clipart images and NOT by using the Borders and Shading dialog box.

Downloading borders for Microsoft Word, follow these steps:

1. Go to http://office.microsoft.com
2. At the top of the page, click on the Images button link.
3. Once the Clip Art page is open, at the top of this page is a search box (with Bing next to it). In the search box, type "Borders" and click the orange magnifying button to start searching.
4. A new page loads with your selected search. You'll notice as you move your mouse pointer over an image, a preview pops up with three different options to choose from. If you just want one specific border, click "Download" and follow the steps. Or you can click "Add to basket" to have a multiple selection of borders to download.
5. At the top-right of the window you'll notice the link "Selection Basket". Hover your mouse over the link and a preview of your selected borders will be shown.
6. To download your border package, click on "Download x.x mb" (x.x is the total size of the chosen borders).
7. Click the "Accept" button to continue with the download. Make sure to read the "Microsoft Service Agreement" before you continue with accepting.
8. If you are using Internet Explorer, downloading will begin automatically. If you are using anything other than Internet Explorer, click the "Download" button.
9. Select "Save file" and click "OK".
10. Select the location for the file to be saved in, and click OK.
11. You'll see a clipart.mpf file will be downloaded.

Once this file is downloaded, open the file. You'll see the Microsoft Clip Organizer will be opened and the borders will be placed in a specific folder.
12. You can close the Microsoft Clip Organizer.
12. The border images are now available to be placed into any Word document using the Insert► Clipart command.
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Enjoy downloading borders for Microsoft Word. You'll see a lot of interesting borders to choose from.
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