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Microsoft Word ClipArt
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Microsoft Word ClipArt

Microsoft Word ClipArt

Microsoft Word ClipArt for Word XP

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Learn step-by-step how to insert Microsoft Word ClipArt into a document. Learn how to manipulate ClipArt and download new ClipArt images to use.

Once every often you would like to dress up your document with an image or two. Using Clip Art pictures in Word is very easily accomplished. You can even modify or adjust the image to suit your needs.

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Inserting a Clip Art Image
Download Pictures from the Internet
Resize your Microsoft Word ClipArt
Moving a Word Clip Art Picture
Change the Picture's Color, Contrast & Brightness
Cropping Parts of a Microsoft Word Clip Art Picture
Rotating a Picture

Inserting a Clip Art Image

Inserting Microsoft Word clip art sounds easy, but I think Microsoft made it a bit too complicated. Still, it isn't that difficult to do!

Once you've done the necessary steps, you can just click-and-drag to insert clip art.

To insert a Microsoft Word ClipArt image, follow these steps:

1. Place the cursor at the position where you want to insert your ClipArt.
Word Office Helper Click in the paragraph that you want the image to be attached to.

As the paragraph moves from page to page during editing, so will your image, so choose a paragraph carefully.
2. Click the Insert ClipArt button on the Drawing toolbar or choose InsertPictureClipArt from the menu bar.
  Microsoft Word ClipArt: Insert Clip Art button Insert Clip Art button
3. If this is the first time you go to Insert Clip Art, you'll see the Add Clips to Organizer dialog box.

Check mark the option "Don't show this message again". (You can return to this window at a later stage!)

Click Later, to continue to your Clip Art.
Use this dialog box when your ready with organizing your clip art.
Microsoft Word ClipArt: Add clips to organizer dialog box
4. The "Insert Clip Art" task pane is opened on the right-hand side of your document.
Use the Insert Clip Art task pane to insert some good clip art into your Microsoft Word document.
Microsoft Word ClipArt: Insert Clip Art task pane
  From this task pane you can type in a criteria, i.e. a name of the picture that you are looking for and click the Search button.
Word Office Helper I usually just click the Search button straight away.

The result is all the images available for you to use!
5. A list of previewed images is shown in the Insert Clip Art task pane.
Browse through the list of images in the Insert Clip Art task pane to find the one that you are looking for.
Microsoft Word ClipArt: Insert Clip Art task pane with images
Scroll through the images and find the one you want.
Word Office Helper Download Pictures from the Internet

Click the Clips Online button and follow the directions to go to the Microsoft Clip Gallery Live site.

When you get there, either enter a keyword for the search or search by category from the Browse drop-down list.

To download an image to your computer, check it off, click it, and then click its larger preview image. The image appears in the Insert ClipArt dialog box. 

Images scrounged from the Internet are kept in the Downloaded Clips category of the Insert ClipArt dialog box.
6. Once you have the picture you want, click once on the clip art image to insert it at the position of the cursor, or click-and-drag it to a position on your document.

You can click the Close button at the top-right corner of the Insert Clip Art task pane to close the task pane to the right of the window.

Word Office Helper Click on the new Microsoft Word ClipArt object once. You'll see a new toolbar appears on your screen.

Microsoft Word ClipArt: Picture toolbar
Picture toolbar

No toolbar?

Click View ►Toolbars ►Picture.

Word Office Helper Q: How do I move the Picture toolbar out of the way?

Place your mouse pointer over the word "Picture" on the title bar of the toolbar.

Click-and-drag the toolbar to anywhere you want.

P.S - You may need some practice in position the toolbar!
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