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Free Downloadable Microsoft Word Fonts
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Free Downloadable Microsoft Word Fonts
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Free Downloadable Microsoft Word Fonts

Free Downloadable Microsoft Word Fonts

Free Downloadable Microsoft Word Fonts

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Learn step-by-step how to find all the free downloadable Microsoft Word fonts that you want. Fonts in Microsoft Word is a pleasant pastime of decorating your text in many ways.

Office Helper Something you should know:

Microsoft Word (or any other program on your computer) doesn't use separate fonts.

The fonts installed in Windows, are the fonts used for all the programs on your computer!

Make sure to check out the new fonts that you download. Look at the preview for the font's uppercase and lowercase as well as special characters and numbers. I've downloaded too many fonts, that didn't even had numbers or lowercase in them.

Now, with that said, let me show you how to get some free downloadable Microsoft Word fonts

Reliable sites that I've used for downloading free fonts:

This is one site I enjoy visiting for free downloadable Microsoft Word fonts. They have no fuss and the download is easy and straightforward.

This site really has some cool and free fonts.
Just download the zipped font file.

This site has some great categories to choose from, all free.
Again, you download a zipped font file.

Another site that has some great zipped fonts to download for free.

Office Helper Be careful of some fonts that you download!

Some, not all, fonts don't support all the characters you need. You'll see that some of them supports only the font in lowercase letters, or some characters are missing. I've even found fonts that doesn't support numbers. So, don't get a fright if the font you downloaded aren't what you were looking for.

How to make fonts available in Microsoft Word

1. Once you have downloaded the zipped font, you need to extract it first.

Right-click on the zipped file and select Extract All.
2. The Extraction Wizard - Step 1 dialog box opens.
Click Next.
3. At the top part of the window, click the Browse button, and select the destination of the file/s you want to extract.
I prefer to leave the destination as it is, this way I know exactly where they were extracted to. This is the same place as where the zip file is.

Click Next.

The files will be extracted to the location you've chosen.
4. Click Finish.
A folder window opens with the extracted files showing.
5. You'll see that all the font files has an extension of .ttf This is the abbreviation for True Type Font, and these are the ones that your Windows (and all the other programs) use as a list of fonts.

What you need to do is to copy this .ttf file.

Select the file and choose Edit► Copy, or you can right-click on the file and choose Copy.
6. Open My Computer, then open C: (this is usually where Windows are installed on your computer.
7. Open the Windows folder. (Don't be scared to open this Windows folder, you really won't bugger anything up!)
8. Open the Fonts folder, and click Edit► Paste.

You'll see that the font will be installed in the Fonts folder.

See, not that difficult! You're done!

Office Helper Remember!

Restart Microsoft Word if you want to test out your new Fonts!

New fonts will only show up in the fonts list once you restart Word.
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