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Microsoft Word Help with step-by-step on how to add or remove a menu command. You will also learn how to change the position of the menu commands, how to reset them and how to change keyboard shortcuts.

You can make Word work your way by putting the menu commands in different places, inventing your own keyboard shortcuts for executing commands, and even creating your own toolbars.

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Changing the Menu Commands
Changing the Keyboard Shortcuts

Changing The Menu Commands

You can decide for yourself which menu commands appear on which menus.

You can also add macros, fonts, AutoText entries, and styles to menus.

Microsoft Word help you in doing so is easy, and if you make a mistake, going back to the original menus is easy, too.

To remove, add or change position of the menu commands, follow these steps:

1. Choose Tools from the menu bar, and select Customize.
2. Click the Commands tab.
  Microsoft Word Help: customize dialog box
3. In the Categories list, select the menu you want to change.

If you're adding a macro, font, AutoText entry, or style to a menu, scroll to the bottom of the Categories list and select it.

The commands that are on the menu you chose appear in the Commands list on the right.
4. Choose the command the you want to change from the Commands list.

You can click the Description button to read a description of the command if you aren't quite sure what it does.
5. What you do next depends on whether you want to remove a command from a menu, add a command to a menu, or change its position on a menu.

With Microsoft Word help, changing menu commands requires moving the mouse-pointer out of the Customize dialog box and clicking the menu bar.
To remove a menu command, move the mouse-pointer over the menu that holds the command you want to remove and click gently.

That's right-click the name, as you normally would if you were pulling it down to choose one of its commands.

When the menu appears, click the menu command you want to remove, and drag it off the menu.

You see a gray rectangle above the pointer and an X below it.

Release the mouse button after you have dragged the menu command away from the menu.
To add a menu command to a menu, drag it from the Commands list in the Customize dialog box to the menu itself.

As you do this, you see a gray rectangle above the pointer and a + below it.

Move the pointer over the menu to which you want to add the command.

The menu appears. Gently drag the mouse-pointer down the menu to the spot where you want the command to be listed.

A black line appears on the menu to show where your command will go.

When the command is in the right spot, release the mouse button.

Microsoft Word help by placing this automatically where you position the mouse.
To change the position of a command on a menu, move the mouse-pointer out of the Customize dialog box and gently click on the menu whose command you want to move.

Then drag the mouse-pointer up or down the list of commands.

A black line shows where the command will move when you release the mouse button.

When the black line is in the right spot, let go of the mouse button.
6. If you want the menu changes you make to be made to a template other then Normal.dot or the template you are working in, choose the template in the Save In drop-down list.
7. Click Close.

Word Office Helper
If you wish that you hadn't messed with the menus, Microsoft Word help you to set them back as they were,
choose TOOLS
 ► CUSTOMIZE, click the COMMANDS tab,
move the mouse-pointer out of the dialog box
and RIGHT-CLICK on the name of the menu
whose commands you fooled with,
and choose RESET from the shortcut menu.
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