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Microsoft Word Help - Select, Delete & Undo

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Microsoft Word help with step-by-step on how to select and delete text and how to undo mistakes made in a document.

If you know a few simple routines, you can save yourself lots of time by using all the shortcuts of the trade.

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Selecting Text in Speedy Ways
Deleting Text
Undoing a Mistake

Selecting Text In Speedy Ways

Microsoft Word help you with move text or copy it from one place to another, you have to select it first. You can also erase a great gob of text merely by selecting it and pressing the Delete key. So it pays to know how to select text.

The following table gives some shortcuts for selecting text:

To Select This

Do This...

A word Double-click the word.
A line Click in the left margin (with the mouse leaning as a mouse-pointer to the text) next to the line.
Some lines Drag the mouse over the lines or drag the mouse pointer down the left margin.
A paragraph Double-click in the left margin next to the paragraph.
A bunch of text Click at the start of the text, hold down the SHIFT key, and click at the end of the text.
A document Hold down the CTRL key and click in the left margin, or triple-click in the left margin,
or choose Edit ► Select All, or press CTRL + A

Deleting Text

To delete a bunch of text at once, select the text you want to delete and press the Delete key on the keyboard, or choose Edit ► Clear.

By the way, you can do two things at once by selecting text and then starting to type. The letters you type immediately takes the place of, and deletes the text you selected.

Word Office Helper
Q: What's the difference between the DELETE and BACKSPACE keys?

When you press the DELETE key, you erase text to the RIGHT of the cursor.

When you press the BACKSPACE key, you erase text to the LEFT of the cursor.

Undoing A Mistake

Fortunately for you with Microsoft Word help, all is not lost if you've made a big blunder Word, because the program has a marvelous little tool called the Undo command.

This command remembers your last 99 editorial changes and puts them on the Undo drop-down menu. As long as you catch your error before you do five or six new things, you can undo your mistake very easily.

Word does not easily forget your mistakes.
Microsoft Word Help: undo action list

You can also use the Redo button if you have pressed Undo too many times. As it says, it will Redo the last action that you've Undo too much.

To undo your mistakes, use any of the following commands:

Choose EDIT ► UNDO
This command changes names, depending on what you did last.

Usually, it says Undo Typing, but if you move text, for example, it says Undo Move. Anyhow, select this command to undo your most recent action.

Choose EDIT ► REDO
This will redo the last action of Undo, if you went to far back with Undo.
Click the UNDO button
If you've made your own error and went on to do something else before you caught it, click the down arrow next to the Undo button. Using Microsoft Word help you in giving you a list of your last actions.

You'll see a menu of your last five actions.

Click the one you want to undo or, if it isn't on the list, click the down-arrow on the scroll bar until you find the error, and then click on it.

However, if you do this, you'll also undo all the actions on the Undo menu above the one you're undoing.

For example, if you undo the 98th action on the list, you'll also undo the 97th one before it.
  Microsoft Word Help: undo & redo buttons Undo & Redo buttons
Press CTRL + Z
Every time you press this shortcut key it will take you one step back in the undo list.

Press CTRL + Y
This will Redo the last Undo action, if you've gone too far with the Undo! Microsoft Word help you with this action.
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