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Microsoft Word Help - Section Break

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Microsoft Word help with step-by-step on how to add or remove a page break (new page) or section break in your document. Also learn how to handle these different breaks that you can add to your documents.

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Insert a Page Break
Delete a Page Break
Dividing a Document Into Sections
Delete a Section Break

Dividing A Document Into Sections

Every document has at least one section. That's why "Sec 1" appears on the left side of the status bar at the bottom of the screen.

When you want to change page numbering schemes, headers and footers, margin sizes, and page layouts for different pages in the same document, you have to create a section break to start a new section, in the way Microsoft Word help.

Word creates a section break automatically for you when you create newspaper-style columns.

To create a new section (section break), follow these steps:

1. Click where you want to insert a section break.
2. Choose Insert ► Break from the menu bar.

The Break dialog box appears.
Use the Break dialog box to insert Section breaks into your document.
Microsoft Word Help: break dialog box
3. From the Section Break Types option list choose any one of the following depending on what you want to do:
Inserts a page break as well as a section break so that the new section can start at the top of a new page (the next one).

Select this option to start a new chapter, for example.
Inserts a section break in the middle of a page.

Select this option, for example, if you want to introduce newspaper-style columns in the middle of a page.
Starts the new section on the next even page.

This option is good for two-sided documents where the headers on the left- and right-hand pages are different.
Starts the new section on the next odd page.

You might choose this option if you have a book in which chapters start on odd pages.
4. Click OK.

Microsoft Word Helper
Q: How do I know a section break has been inserted?

Click the Show/Hide button on the Standard toolbar to see where the section break has been inserted into your document.

Microsoft Word Help: show/hide button Show/Hide button

In Normal view, you can tell where a section ends because Section Break and a double dotted line appear on-screen.

A section break in Normal View.
Microsoft Word Help: Section break in Normal view

The only way to tell where a section ends in Print Layout view is to glance at the Sec listing on the status bar or click the Show/Hide button.

Delete a Section Break

To delete a section break in Normal View, click the words Section Break, and press the Delete key.

To change views, click View on the menu bar and choose a different view.

You can also click on one of the Views buttons in the lower-left corner of the screen to change the view.

 Microsoft Word Help: Views buttons Views buttons located at the bottom-left corner of the screen, where the Vertical Ruler and Horizontal Scrollbar meet.
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