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Borders and Shading for Word Table
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Borders and Shading for Word Table
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Borders and Shading for Word Table

Borders and Shading for Word Table

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Learn step-by-step how to add or remove borders and shading for word table.

After you enter the text, put the rows and columns in place, and make them the right size, the fun begins. Now you can dress up your table and make it look snazzy.

Almost everything you can do to a document you can do to a table by selecting parts of it and choosing menu commands or clicking buttons. You can change text fonts, align data in the cells in different ways, and even import a graphic into a cell.

You can also play with the borders that divided the rows and columns and shade columns, rows, and cells by filling them with gray shades or a black background, read on to find out how to do these tricks and also how to center a table or align it with the right page margin.

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Formatting a Table with AutoFormat
Adding your own Borders
Adding your own Shading & Color

Formatting A Table With AutoFormat

The fastest way to get borders and shading for Word table is to let Word do the work for you by using the AutoFormats provided by Word.

This makes it a lot quicker to add borders and shading instantly to your table.

To format a table using AutoFormat, follow these steps:

1. Click anywhere inside your table.
2. Choose Table Table AutoFormat, or click the Table AutoFormat button on the Table and Borders toolbar. The Table AutoFormat dialog box appears.
  Word XP : table autoformat button Table AutoFormat button
Use the Table AutoFormat dialog box to quickly add some formatting to your tables.
Borders and Shading for Word table: table autoformat dialog box
3. Rummage through the Table Styles list until you find a table to your liking. You can see what tables look like in the Preview box.
4. Check and uncheck the Apply Special Formats To check boxes. As you do so, watch the Preview box to see what your choices do.
5. When you are satisfied with the right table format, click OK.

Word Office Helper Q: How do I get my table back to normal?

If you have chosen an AutoFormat that you don't like, but you've done this quite a few steps ago.

Go to the Table AutoFormat dialog box. From the Table Styles list, select Table Grid. This will return your table's formatting back to normal.
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