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Microsoft Word Help - AutoShapes
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Microsoft Word Help with step-by-step on how to add or remove AutoShapes in your document. Learn also how to lock objects in place and handle overlapping objects.

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Drawing Lines and Shapes
Working with Text Boxes
Locking Objects In Place
Handling Objects That Overlap

Locking Objects In Place

Suppose you want an object such as a text box, WordArt image, or Clip Art to stay in the same place. Normally, what is in the middle of page 1 is pushed to the bottom of the page or to page 2 when you insert paragraphs at the start of a document.

What if you want the paragraph or graphic to stay put, come hell or high water?

Microsoft Word help in that case, where you can lock it to the page. After you lock it, text flows around your image or text box, but the image or text box stays put.

To lock an object in place, follow these steps:

1. Move the object to the position on the page where you want it to remain at all times.
2. Right-click or select the object, choose Format, and then choose the last command on the format menu.  (The command is named after the kind of object you are working with).
3. Click the Layout tab in the Format dialog box.
4. On the Layout tab, choose any Wrapping Style option.
5. Click the Advanced button.
6. In the Advanced dialog box, click the Picture Position tab.
7. Click the Absolute Position option button under Vertical.
8. Click the Lock Anchor check box.
9. Click the Move Object With Text check box to remove the check mark. As soon as you do so, the Absolute Position Below setting under Vertical changes to page.
10. Under Horizontal, choose Page from the Absolute Position To The Left Of drop-down list.

Now the object is locked, horizontally and vertically, to the page, and Microsoft Word help by knowing to keep it at its current position on the page and not move it in the document when text is inserted before it.

For now, don't worry about the To The Left Of and Below settings, in "Step 12", you will drag the object on the page exactly where you want it to be.
11. Click OK in the Advanced Layout dialog box and OK again in the Format dialog box.

Back in your document, your object may have slid to a different position.
12. Drag the object where you want it to be on the page.

Word Office Helper
To tell whether an object has been locked in place,
Microsoft Word help you by if you click the Show/Hide button and look for the picture of an anchor and a tiny padlock
in the left margin of the document.

Microsoft Word Help: Show/Hide button Show/Hide button

Microsoft Word Help: Lock Anchor Lock Anchor
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Handle Objects that Overlap
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