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Excel Charting Elements
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Excel Charting Elements
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Excel Charting Elements

Excel Charting Elements

Excel Charting Elements | Microsoft Excel XP | Page 5

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Learn step-by-step how to modify all the Excel charting elements of a chart.

Excel Office Helper What's on this page...
Dealing with Chart Elements
Modify a Chart Element
Move a Chart Element
Deleting a Chart Element
Chart Basics
Adding a new Data Series to a chart
Changing the Chart's Data Series
Working with chart Legends
Changing a chart's Scale
Changing a chart's Gridlines
Rotating and Elevating a 3D Chart

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Changing A Charts Gridlines

Gridlines are one of the important Excel charting elements. It can help you determine what the chart series represents numerically. Gridlines simply extend the tick marks on the axes.

To add or remove gridlines, follow these steps:

1. Activate the chart.
2. Choose Chart ► Chart Options from the menu bar.
3. Click the Gridlines tab.
  Excel Charting Elements: Chart Gridlines dialog box
4. Check or Uncheck the check boxes that correspond to the desired gridlines.
5. Once you're done, click OK.

Excel Office Helper Each axis has two sets of gridlines:
Major units are the ones displaying a label.
Minor units are those in between.

If you're working with a 3-D chart, the dialog box has options for three sets of gridlines.

Rotating And Elevating A 3D Chart

Sure, they're neat to look at, but when you work with 3-D charts, you may find that some data is completely or partially obscured. Damn! How can you convince the big executives at the Annual Sales Meeting that you aren't completely inept? Lucky for you, you can rotate the chart so that it shows the data better.

Remember that Rotation and Elevation can only be done to a 3D chart type.

To change the rotation or elevation, follow these steps:

1. Activate the 3D chart.
2. Choose Chart ► 3-D View from the menu bar.
  Excel Charting Elements: 3D View dialog box
3. In the 3-D View dialog box, make rotations and elevation changes by clicking the appropriate controls.
4. Click OK (or click APPLY to see the changes without closing the dialog box).
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Dealing With Chart Elements | Add a new Data Series | Change Data Series
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