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Excel Printing

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Learn step-by-step how Excel printing is done. Learn how to adjust your worksheet so that you can print the things you want.

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Print Preview
Print dialog box

Excel Printing Dialog Box

You can print from the Print Preview window, or you can click the Print button in Normal View.

Excel Printing: Print button Print button

Excel Printing dialog box:

1. From the Print dialog box choose the printer to print to.
  Excel Printing: Print dialog box
2. From Print Range, choose to print all the pages on the worksheet, or choose to print only certain pages.
Excel Office Helper
Q: "How do I know which pages are which?"

Return to normal view of your worksheet.

Choose View ► Page Break View from the menu bar.

Your sheet is visually divided into pages with the page numbers displayed on each separate part.

To return your page's view back to normal, choose View ► Normal from the menu bar.
3. If you have selected only a few cells to print, you'll notice that Selection is chosen from the Print What area. 
4. Choose the number of copies you wish to print of the specific page(s). 
5. Click OK.

Excel Office Helper
Q: "What are these dashed lines on my worksheet?"

After you've been to Print Preview, Excel displays the margins as dashed lines in your normal worksheet.

If you close and open the workbook again, the lines have disappeared until you go to Print Preview again.
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