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Excel Functions
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Excel Functions

Excel Functions | Microsoft Excel XP | Page 3

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Learn all about Excel functions with step-by-step on how to use a function, enter functions manually and how to modify them.

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Using Functions in your Formulas
Entering Functions Manually
Modifying a range reference used in a function
Using the Insert Function command

Editing Formulas and Functions

Using The Insert Function

The Insert Function makes it easy to enter a function and its arguments.

Using this tool ensures that the function is spelled correctly and has the proper number of arguments in the correct order.

To use the Insert Function, follow these steps:

1. Select the cell that will contain the function.
2. Choose Insert Function from the main menu,


Click the Insert Function button from the formula bar.
  Excel Functions: Insert Function button Insert Function button
The Insert Function dialog box opens up with all the different Excel functions for you to use.
  Excel Functions: Insert Function dialog box
3. Type a description of what you want to do in the "Search for a function" box.


Select a category from the drop-down arrow to choose a specific category of Excel functions.


Click the specific function that you want to use from the "Select a Function" list.
4. Click OK.
  The Function Arguments dialog box opens.
  Excel Functions: Function Arguments dialog box
5. You can, straight away, select, on the worksheet, the cells to use in the formula.

Depending on the kind of function you've chosen, you'll see that this dialog box can be different for different functions.
6. Once you've completed all the arguments for the function, click OK.

Editing Formulas And Excel Functions

If you make a typo when entering a formula or a function, you can edit your entry just like editing any other entry in Excel.

To edit a formula or Excel functions, follow these steps:

1. Select the cell that contains the formula or Excel worksheet functions.
2. Click in the Formula bar and use the left or right arrow key to move your cursor.
  Excel Functions: Formula example 4
3. Use the Delete or Backspace keys to delete characters.

You can also block text by dragging through it and then replacing the selected characters by simply typing a new entry.
4. Press ENTER when you're satisfied that you got it right this time.

Excel Office Helper If you're in a big hurry to edit that cell,
double-click the cell or press F2.

 The cursor appears inside the cell, and you can undo your damage from there!

Excel functions can make your calculations much more fun and much easier to do. Take a look at all the different functions that Excel provides and see what they do.
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