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Learn step-by-step how to use the Excel AutoFilter command. Also learn how to use the Advanced Filter to suit your every needs. Learn to do an Excel filter the easy way.

You can stare at you data for hours on end and still gain nothing for your time.

Spreadsheet data is often not much good unless you can analyze it. If you're familiar with some of the actions that you can perform on a database, managing and analyzing your data in Excel is within your grasp.

And even if you've never even heard of a database, you can still filter lists to your heart's content.

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Using AutoFilter
Using Custom AutoFilter
Using Advanced Filter
Using criteria for text

Using criteria for values

Using Custom AutoFilter

Normally, AutoFilter involves selecting a single value for one or more columns and then use the Excel filter.

The list is then filtered by that value. For more flexibility, choose the Custom option in an AutoFilter drop-down list.

The Custom AutoFilter dialog box let's you filter in several ways:

For example, sales amount greater than 10,000.
For example, sales amounts greater than 10,000 AND sales amounts less than 50,000.
For example, sales amounts less than 10,000 OR sales amounts greater than 50,000.
For example, state equal to New York OR state equal to New Jersey.
You can use the * and ? wildcards to filter in many other ways.
For example, to display only those customers whose last name begins with a B, use B*.

Custom AutoFilter is useful, but it has limitations.

For example, if you would like to filter the list to show only three values in a field (such as New York or New Jersey or Connecticut), you can't do it by using AutoFilter.

Such filtering tasks require the advanced filtering feature.

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