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Microsoft Word 2007 | Find a Word

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Microsoft Word 2007 makes it easy for you to find anything in your document, from words to pages to anything else.

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Using Find in Finding Text and More
Find and Replace Text and Formats

Using Find in Finding Text And More

You can search for a word in a document, and even for fonts, special characters, and formats.

Word Office Helper The Replace command is very powerful!

Always save your document before you use this command.

Then, if you replace text that shouldn't have been replaced, you can close your document without saving it, open your document again, and get your original document back.

Remember, you can also use the Undo command for small mistakes.

To search for text, follow these steps:

1. Preferably, place the cursor at the beginning of the document.
2. Choose Home ribbon tab ► Find. (Located at the far left on the ribbon tab.)


Press CTRL + F.
Microsoft Word 2007: Find button
  This will open up the Find and Replace dialog box, with the Find tab selected.
Microsoft Word 2007: Find & Replace dialog box
Word Office Helper You can also use the Select Browse Object button
(located at the bottom right of the window)
to get to the Find dialog box.

Microsoft Word 2007: Browse Object - Find button

Click the Select Browse Object button, click on the Find option (Binoculars).
3. In the "Find What" text box, type in the word or phrase that you are looking for.
4. To have Word highlight all the occurrences of the word in the document, click on Reading Highlight ► Highlight All.

You'll notice that all the occurrences of the word is being highlighted in the document. This makes for easy reading the document and locating the occurrences. You may change some of the occurrences as you like.

To remove the highlighting from the document, click Reading Highlight ► Clear Highlighting.
5. To do a more selective search in Microsoft Word 2007, click the "More" button. This expands the Find and Replace window with more options to choose from.
Microsoft Word 2007: Find & Replace dialog box expanded
6. Make your choice from the Search Options group in the word finder:

Search - Click the down arrow and choose All, Up, or Down to search the whole document, search from the cursor position upward, or search from the cursor position downward, respectively.

Match Case - Searches for words with upper- and lowercase letters that exactly match those in the Find What box.  With this box selected, a search for bow finds that word, but not Bow or BOW.

Find Whole Words Only - Normally, a search for bow yields elbow, bowler, bowwow, and other words with the letters b-o-w (in that order).  Click this option and you only get bow.

Use Wildcards - Click here if you intend to use wildcards in searches.

Sounds Like - Looks for words that sounds like the one in the Find What box. A search for bow with this option selected finds beau, for example.

Find All Word Forms - Takes into account verb endings and plurals. With this option clicked, you get bows, bowing, and bowed, as well as bow.
7. To search for words, paragraphs, tab settings, and styles, among other things, that are formatted a certain way, click the "Format" button and choose an option from the menu. 

You'll see the familiar dialog box you used in the first place to format the text.
8. Click the "Special" button to look for format characters, manual page breaks, and other unusual stuff.
9. That "No Formatting" button is there so you can clear all the formatting from the "Find What" box.
  Click the "Less" button to shrink the dialog box and get more room to work on-screen.
10. Click the "Find Next" button if you are looking for a simple word or phrase.

The current occurrence will be highlighted in the document. To go to the next occurrence, click "Find Next" again.

Word Office Helper You can also close the Find and Replace dialog box and click either the Previous Find/Go To or Next Find/Go To buttons at the bottom right of the window.

Microsoft Word 2007: Previous Find / Next Find buttons

You can also press CTRL + PageUp or CTRL + PageDown
to go to the previous or next instance of the thing you are looking for.
See also... Using Find & Replace
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